Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Watch Out Everyone!!!

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Mother Nature is having a BAD day. If Mamma's not happy, aint nobody happy. Although, if she is flipping us off collectively perhaps she will be able to let it go.

I may just stay under the covers to be safe.


Anonymous said...

YIKES!!! Is there room under the covers for me too?

t2ed said...

Maybe Mother Nature doesn't like bad drivers?

Wicked H said...

Anon: Hmmm....e-mail me, let's talk.

t2ed: Point taken. As long as I am not carrying on with a group of friends while driving, the general public is safe. Really!

HotForSimon said...

Can I direct that middle finger to the asshat that ran into the back of me on Sunday???

Bad drivers, be damned!!! LOL

Wicked H said...

HFS: You have my full permission. Feeling any worse?

bozette said...

now that is funny.
Thank you for sharing.

Velvet said...

Did you take that? That is so funny. If you told me that a cloud would be the thing that made me laugh hardest by noon today, I never would have believed it.

I love you flirting with the anon!

Wicked H said...

Bozette: My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it.

Velvet: You grace my site, I am honored! I did not take the picture but I am glad it made you laugh. As for flirting with Anon, a girl has to keep up her skills. Know what I mean?