Thursday, July 07, 2011


Lil Wicked, 16!

July 8th - OMG

It seems like only yesterday I was driving like a crazy woman up I-85 trying to get to the hospital before she was born.

For full disclosure purposes, she coined herself Lil Wicked and still does as far as I know. As my first niece I cannot express to you how proud I have been her entire life. I am sure to wave the proud Auntie flag well into the future. I know I am biased and perhaps they are growing them smarter these days, but this kid/young adult has an incredible knack for social problem solving. She shows more grace than 5adults combined. I have learned so much from her poise and attitude.

Does she have rough spots with her parental units? Of course she does, which one of us hasn’t? Some of us (ahem) still do.

On our last trip to NYC, our dear friend Frances who had met Lil Wicked for the first time said that she had magical story telling abilities. You do not want to argue with Frances because she is absolutely right. I am privileged to have such a fantastic person as my first niece who is speeding through life and allows me to take part.

I cannot wait to see how your life continues to unfold, Lil Wicked. You have made me a better person. I love you! Wishing you happiness, ALWAYS!!!!!