Monday, August 21, 2006


A spoonful of tequila helps the medicine go down, yes indeed.

How do you know if you have thrown a successful cookout for your friends who also happen to be your co-workers? I'll tell you.

Have a theme, ours was "Tasty Tapas"
Liquor. A huge lot of it.
The right combination of guests, check!
Good weather. A little too humid for my taste but Tequila cures all.
Guests with magical epicurean powers. Who knew?
Your ancient grill holding up to the pressure, check check!
Spouses of guests who can dish it out as well as I could take it. Love those
spousal units.
Chocolate fondue with AMARETTO. Who cares if the chocolate was slightly lumpy.
Giggle fits while trying to explain what ramekins are to those who I previously
thought were gastronimists.

And the number one way to know you had a terrific tapas cookout, your guests attempt to clean your entire kitchen while you are still slurping a libation. SCORE!

(Title of this post lifted from one of the Project Runway contestants)


HotForSimon said...

You left OUT the amaretto part when you told me about the lumpy fondue...meanie!!! LOL I could have went for a drive yesterday.

Of course, work might have been a problem today...but who cares?? LOL

Wicked H said...

I invited you right after it was over and you declined. WHATEVER!!!!


t2ed said...

Guests who clean up after themselves?

I don't know anyone like that at my parties.

wallofdenial said...

You spoiled little bitch, I know that you must have made your guest's feel guilty about something and thats how you got them to clean your kitchen,,,,next time shhot for bathrooms as well

Wicked H said...

t2ed: It was a first for me as well. I literally was wrestling dishes out of their hands. I'm a lucky gal to have such friends.

Dave: I did ask if they did windows too, mine could use a real cleaning. Right after that, they relinquished the kitchen.

Miss Britt said...

MMM.... Tequilla.

Fanny said...

Sounds like a fun shindig. Ramekins. It is a funny word. Let me guess, did the copious amounts of alcohol have anything to do with the giggles?

Just Expressing Myself said...

Sounds like a blast.
Nothing like a frosty margarita on a hot night.
My ramekin runneth over.
Take care,

Washington Cube said...

...and oh yes, liquor. Lots of liquor. Seriously. Sounds like fun.

Wicked H said...

Miss Britt, Fanny, JEM and Cube: I promise none of us, well maybe one, were intoxicated beyond the legal limits. But we did have fun trying. Also, as the good hostess all my guest rooms were ready to accept occupants if needed. It was a really fun time and I can't wait to gather them all again.