Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And Your Point Is?

I have a huge problem when I encounter nepotism at the workplace. I do not, nor will I ever, believe that relatives should work in a situation where one is supervising the other. (My blog, my opinion. Don't like it, stop reading.) Similarly, I don’t believe that one should use a relative as their trump card in any type of work related issue.

This brings me to a recent conversation I somehow got entangled in while on the clock. Okay, who are we kidding, I live for moments like these:

(Scenario: 2 visitors from another site visiting my office recently)

Wicked: Hey, what’s up?
Coworker 1 (CW1): Wicked!! Whadya know girl?
Coworker 2 (CW2): Long time no see, what’s the scoop.
Wicked: Aw you know, always full of scoop. Pick a topic.
(For obvious reasons, I will not divulge the topic. I am not that stupid)
CW1: How about the recent excitement?
Wicked: What about it?
CW2: Oh, you know CW1 is related to a big shot.
Wicked: Really? Well I am related to my parents. What’s the point? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
CW1 & 2: Blink....blink.....
Wicked: CW1 being related to a big shot means absolutely nothing to me. Not intimidated by it in the least. If CW1 doesn’t want to know my opinion of the recent events, then he shouldn’t have asked.
CW2: Good point. My bad.
( Funny how CW1 was intently listening to the exchange but not participating)
Wicked: Well you screwed up your chance to hear my opinion on the subject. Off you both go now. I am a busy woman.
CW1: Does this mean we are done discussing the excitement?
Wicked: In order to have a discussion, all parties must actively participate. Since you chose to abstain, we are through here.
CW2: Giggles
CW1: ......
Wicked: Have a nice day gentlemen. Y’all come back now, you here?


Beth Fish said...

Good for you for calling him on it. I used to work at a place where everybody kept marrying each other and it caused huge problems but nobody was allowed to admit it.

Dwayne said...

What a refreshing story. I keep picturing these two coworkers as a couple of children, leaving with their heads down on their way to collect bottles in their wagon.

Velvet said...

We have a division that used to be a mom and pop shop, and we bought them out. They all still call each other by "mom" and "dad" and "let's call my sister." It's really weird when we're at these buttoned up meetings and someone says, "Well, we did that because Uncle Joe wanted to." ugh!

Amy said...

The place my husband recently left was a mom and pop shop... with every employee related in SOME way. It was a nightmare because when the crap came down the only people who were "taken care of" were the ones who were related, they threw everyone else to the wolves.

Wicked H said...

Hi All:

Funny how only the "outsiders" realise how messy it all is or can be.....

Thanks for the comments!