Friday, August 18, 2006

Free Spirits

The other day while at work, I was having a conversation with our receptionist. I was at the front desk chatting with her. The floor plan of our office is open, if anyone is engaging the receptionist everyone in the waiting is in on the conversation. Of course we are compliant with all HIPPA regulations, everyone calm down.

We were discussing whether or not Paris Hilton would stay with Stavros or move onto the next best prospect. The receptionist’s cell phone rang. Unbeknownst to her, the ring tone had recently been tampered with. The song that was playing was very upbeat and happy. Without any other provocation, she and I began jamming to the tune while continuing our discussion. It was not until the patient in the waiting room startling laughing that we realized we had an audience.

While we were trying to maintain a bit of decorum, the patient asked if the floor show would cost him any extra. That is my kind of patient. We told him that being a patient at our facility comes with many perks not to worry.


wallofdenial said...

proving once again that you are Hot and Fun!!

Wicked H said...

Dave: Aww..thanks! Now run out and find your single, emotionally available, male friends and tell them all about me.

Pioneer Woman said...

How cute. I like people who appreciate unconventional situations!

DOM said...

And where exactly is your office again? The next show it as what time?

Wicked H said...

Ree: We try. Must have fun at work and keep patient's as happy as possible.

DOM: We try to entertain QID.