Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pierced Pepper Mills

I realize this requires much explanation. Pull up a chair get we go.

First of all, does everyone have the pleasure of working with a fun bunch of crazies like I do? If you don’t, I feel for you, honestly.

We are a diverse group. If you saw us together in a non-festive situation, I am willing to bet that you wouldn’t believe we could have some wicked fun away from work. We do. We do indeed.

Last night started out customarily, a cohorts birthday celebration. Before I forget, I have three words for you: Key Lime Martini. Don’t question it, go out and try one and then get back to me. Thank God for sidekicks who like to bend a few while waiting for the rest of the gang. We are nothing if not entertaining. The Three Lushkateers!

We kept the bartender hopping, he looked a little bored before we arrived. I am sure that’s his take on the evening as well. Anyhoo, after 2 cocktails the rest of the party showed up and off we were ushered to a table in the rear of the establishment. Maybe our reputation preceded us? You never know.

It all started innocently enough, we are medically inclined so of course the conversation took a medicinal turn and before you know it we were trying to explain why anyone would pierce that part of his anatomy. Since I believe in visual aides and because we had an unusually odd shaped pepper mill on the table. Bing, bang boom, our straight laced associate got the picture and blushed the deepest shade of crimson you’ve ever seen. Good times!

It’s not a successful party until one of us is mortified.

So, what did you all do last night?


HotForSimon said...

I went to bed at 9:30.

Sad. I know.

Sooo...Pineapple upside down cake shooters and key lime martinis??

Works for me. The list keeps growing. I'm so glad I have a friend like you that goes out and frequents grown up places and brings back the drink recipes. LOL

Wicked H said...

I am your "go to gal" don't you worry HFS! Indded the shooter was our dessert.

Fanny said...

Well I had a pint of Chunky Monkey. Somehow it does not compare to your night, Wicked.

Rude Cactus said...

You know it's been a good day when you've embarassed a coworker!

Joe said...

THAT'S crazy??? Ay yi yi!

If I was there, I'd pull it out and show you the real thing!

ok sike. That shit is totally sick.

Crazy Lady said...

Wow, my night was a complete dud compared to yours. Made dinner, did home work with the kids, sat in the hot tub with the hubs, then went to bed. Not a single exciting thing happened to me. Especially not comparing a peppermill to penis

t2ed said...

I'm betting that peppermill will never work correctly again.

Wicked H said...

Fanny: Chuncky Monkey is my friend too. Can't go wrong with a pint.

Rude: It is what we strive for, so far we have yet to miss the mark.

Joe: Open invite to you, anytime my friend.

Crazy: I dunno, hot tub with the hubs doesn't sound bad to me at all.

t2ed: I think the poor pepper mill was deposited into a bio hazard bag. Score for us!!!