Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Natives, We are Restless

I will have to admit, along with the majority of folks within my zip code, that the snow we have had this year is quite enough. It is unprecedented, all of it. It did not kill us, it made us stronger. We would like to vote NO for anymore this season. Thanks for asking.

This past weekend, I escaped to Currituck Sound, NC. My goal was twofold; 1) see landscape without any snow on it and 2) see the water so that I can de-charge. One out of two isn’t bad. I would have been more out of sorts had I not been able to see the Sound from my accommodations. It snowed there Saturday but luckily it was more of a dusting compared to the multiple inches/feet we experienced back home.

The long weekend was spent lounging, drinking and relaxing. At one point in our alcohol induced giddiness we decided that the “NO OLF” signs stood for No Overtly Luscious Females instead of No Outlying Landing Field. I decided I would go to a craft store and purchase many sheets of poster board and add a “G” to the OLF signs. I believe it would seriously damage all the snowbirds that flock down there to hit the links. We were restless, I warned you.


Now that I am in a re-charged state, this weekend Brain Surgeon and I are going to hop on a bus and get into a New York State of Mind. As it is our wont, our only schedule is where we are staying. Typically once we get there we strategize while in the TKTS line as to which shows will be viewing. Also, if I am not mistaken, restaurant week has been extended so we will of course try to fit in as many good eats as humanly possible. We will tip a cocktail or 4 with Frances of She Who Blogs. I am very much looking forward to that.

The only major decision left to make is which ingredients to fill the martini back pack. Start spreading the news, we will be there Friday!


Friday, February 05, 2010

Snowpocolypse 2010

02/08/10: We are now expecting an additional 5 - 12inches of snow on top of this. My liver is ready for the continuation fo the game, my arms and back not ready for more shoveling. Drink up party people.


A majority of the East Coast is expecting record breaking snow starting today and all day Saturday. I am a snow lover right up until I have to begin the process of digging out. Oh well, I must take the good with the bad.

They are forecasting two feet of the white stuff, impressive. I decided I can handle this situation one of two ways. I can panic like the rest of the population and drain the stores of all supplies and wring my hands endlessly. I have decided to go another route, since my home is sufficiently stocked, I own a shovel and most importantly the liquor cabinet is always at full inventory. Therefore, I am going to start a drinking game, I will take a shot for each inch of snow that falls.

By the end of the storm, I won’t care how much shoveling there is ahead of me.

Drink and dig out safely – Cheers!