Monday, August 28, 2006

The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree

The other day while driving back from a lunch outing with co-workers, we were involved in a spirited discussion. I was driving and actively participating in the debate. I noticed that my passengers got very quiet quickly. I asked them what was wrong. They in turn asked me why we were traveling so slowly while in the left lane.

Apparently, I am unable to partake in a spirited debate and follow the regular traffic laws simultaneously. Wait, it gets better. Ever since I can remember I have always criticized my Father for being unable of performing the exact same tasks.

So the lesson here folks is to be careful how you admonish your elders because here is the proof that it will indeed turn around and bite you in the ass.

Sorry Dad!


Homo Insapiens said...

Your inability to perform simultaneous tasks opens a new, exciting opportunity for you. Whne are you planning to enter politics?

Wicked H said...

Good idea, I'll have my people call yours!

HotForSimon said...

You'd have my vote!

Dwayne said...

I used to swerve when checking my blind spot. Can you still walk and chew gum at the same time?

Wicked H said...

Dwayne: Thankfully I am not big on chewing gum, so my answer would be yes. :-)