Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Road Rage

There have been 2 cases here recently about drivers being arrested for throwing missiles at other cars as a way to release their road rage. One woman spent seven weeks in jail for launching her missile which was a large cup of ice. Yesterday a gentleman was arrested for hurling his missile, a cup of coffee, at the vehicle that cut him off in traffic.

I am not advocating any type of violence against anyone. However, if I am going to be charged with a felony due to road rage, it is going to be for shooting out someone’s tires. The throwing of ice or hurling of coffee would just not release my rage.

Good thing I can keep it all in check while driving.

Seriously people, chill!


honeykbee said...

I hear ya. There's something wholly unsatisfying about hurling an empty cup at another driver. It's gota be even worse than the doucebaggish residue one feels after flipping another driver the bird.

t2ed said...

Where do we stand on laser pointers?

Because I like to pretend I have a real laser, just like Mr. Bond. Especially when I work the tail pipe.

Robin said...

And hopefully, while keeping it all in check, you are also driving without a gun?

HotForSimon said...

She may have the gun, but the last time I visited I took the bullets! LOL

kris said...

Wicked H, I heard our beloved Channel 4 folk reporting this on the morning news.

Amazing the anonymity or distance a car gives you, isn't it? To hurl missiles or insults at a passerby from the safety of your passing vehicle? Similar to a blog comment, when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, keep it in check. There's nothing wrong with anger, just keep it in the car. I'm a big fan of the middle finger. It gets me where I need to go, you know? I like to keep it short and sweet.

Wicked H said...

Honey: Amen, Sister!

t2ed: As long as it's a pretend laser. Federal offense to point those things especially at airplanes.

Robin: See HFS'comment.

HFS: I can always buy more but have not done so, yet.

Kris: Good point, indeed.

Jurgen: I am Queen of keeping things in check until I snap, then watch out. I will try to remember you when I get to that point.

Weary Hag said...

I think we should all just start hurling crap at those who anger us ... you know ... like the Orangutans at the zoo. It seems to work for them. I've never heard of one killing another. Have you?

Anonymous said...

Wicked get your gun. That would be scarry just throw dog poop, I hear your good at that. BIL

The CEO said...

We're becoming too overcrowded. Either that, or we need to bring back pillories and stocks in public squares. Not that I have an opinion, of course.