Friday, February 23, 2007

Hey Other Shoe, Drop Already

Whew! It has been a long time since I have had this much stress in a week. I won’t whine about the details, it really isn’t worth it. This week it was my turn, so be it.

I can tell you that three trips to the Chiropractor, countless hours spent on a heating pad and more than a few libations have not released the spasm residing under both of my shoulder blades.

Uncle! There I said it. It was worth a try. I am sad to report that the spasms remain.

Hope you all had a much better week. Go forth and frolic through the weekend.


Amy said...

At least it's Friday... you won't have to work the weekend will you?

Robin said...

I've had an extremely stressful week, but yours sounds worse. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Wicked H said...

Amy: Unfortunately, yes. The IT Dept has been kind enough to drop off a fully loaded laptop for me. Maybe I can lay on the heating pad and prop that sucker up somehow and have my drink with a straw....

You have a good weekend for me. M'kay?

Wicked H said...

Robin: Thanks. Enjoy your weekend!

The CEO said...

I would have written earlier, but I needed an oil change. I mean me, not the car.

Now, as a former IT type, when you go home, and you slipped, and that brand new laptop fell into the snow, and got all wet and everything, well, you'd be crazy to even consider turning it on. And as a responsible human being, you ought to let it thoroughly dry out, including the internals. It might be smart if you didn't turn the laptop on again until the specialists in IT thoroughly tested it on Monday, you being a responsible grown up, and all.

It's after noon, switching to olives. Cheers. Drink up, you're way behind.

HotForSimon said...



Billy Joel.

Bottle of Wine.



TOM said...

I think Rum and a good back massage might help(-:

Hope you feel better soon!

Weary Hag said...

Oh nuts ... spasms of any kind are never a good thing. I hope you ended up with a halfway decent weekend (painwise).