Monday, February 05, 2007

Is Your Hoboken?

What happens when you place two siblings who are giddy with the thought of taking a bite out of the big apple along with a navigationally challenged BIL and an 11 year old niece? One fantastic journey up to NYC.

Currently, I am trying to recover from the trek. I promise to go into more detail soon. I wanted to tell you how the title of this post came to fruition.

We were on the NJ turnpike making our way when BIL who was driving asked BS to point out the opening to his hot tea. I casually commented from the back seat and told him to use his tongue to feel the hole and then take a sip. I was trying to be helpful. That was how I was able to drink my coffee. Instead of trying that, the combination of BIL and BS suffered from a case of gutter mindedness. They were chastising me for making that comment in front of my niece and they were giggling uncontrollably. In my defense, I was honestly trying to be beneficial not suggestive. Also my niece was jamming to her Ipod, she would have been unaware of what I said had they not reacted so sophomorically.

In an attempt to defer attention, BS saw the sign for the city in Jersey. She asked us if our Hoboken? This of course lead to more raucous laughter and my niece into further confusion.


It was the perfect way to begin our adventure.


The CEO said...

I have the feeling that BIL and BS haven't had the opportunity to engage in any SEX for a while, and that any opportunity SIL can provide for them, hereafter notes as HC (horney couple) like taking niece to SIL's room while HC interoperate would be a WR (welcome relief). Please, CO (carry on, I know it's ambiguous, but, that's OK, I just love talking IT [Information Technology])

Wicked H said...

For the record CEO, me and my niece did indeed share a separate room. I really don't need to know if the HC experienced any WR but I hope they CO as much as needed.

My needs are simple, batteries! (No I did not bring anything like that with me knowing that my niece and I would be bunking together. Just want to be clear)

wallofdenial said...

No my ho is nor boken,,,,just pregnant, and bitchy

Frances said...

Mine is freezin'!
This New Yorker is looking forward to hearing about your adventures.
We might have passed each other on the street!
Take care,

Wicked H said...

Dave: It's almost over and then there'll be four of you.

Frances: I am not sure how long the cold snap is going to last. I know I shivered my timbers while I was there....

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Hey Wicked, we had a great time!!I can't wait to read about the adventures of Wicked, BS, BIL and Sous Chef Mermaid some more.....So, Is your HO BOKEN???:)