Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dental Terror, Histrionics and Hospital Admittance

In other words, a typical weekend at the Wicked Family compound.

My visit to the dentist yielded a month long treatment plan, oh joy! I am happy to report that I really like this dentist and also that I am and was not in denial as to what the treatment plan was going to be. It is getting through the process with my nerves in tact that was my issue. In any case, I will put on my brave face for the month long ordeal and then hopefully live a happy and healthy dental life until the dental Gods throw me another curve.

Gestational Countessa, my youngest sister, has been hospitalized. She is 37 weeks pregnant and my future niece is giving her high blood pressure. Because we are a medical family, we know all the pros and cons involved with this situation. I find it easier to be ignorant in these cases as it makes the hurry up and wait process much simpler. That being said, Gestational Countessa is very comfortable with her Doctors and she is not showing any signs of stress. She is comfortably resting in the hospital waiting to hear what comes next. The sister’s Wicked and Sous-Chef Mermaid spent all of Saturday keeping Gestational Countessa company. It’s amazing how tired you can get from simply sitting in a chair in a hospital room watching non-stop coverage of the passing of Anna Nicole. As I left the Wicked Family compound very early this morning I can report that there has been no progress on the future niece front.

My Mom does not handle medical crises very well. I love my Mom but she has always had a hysterical personality. The second she heard that her youngest was hospitalized, she went into DEFCON 3 histrionics. She has no control over this reactionary method but it throws the rest of us into a tail spin. We don’t know which crisis to handle first. My Dad took over the DEFON 3 situation while the rest of us rallied around Gestational Countessa.

So this week my priorities are to make sure my martini back pack is fully stocked at ALL times. It’s going to be a rough month friends. Buckle up for the ride.


Weary Hag said...

Hoo boy ... your family sounds like mine these past few months. If it's not one thing it's another. Best of luck to your sister - the teensy weensy soon-to-be babe - your anxious mom - your dad (who has to care for anxious mom) ... and to you!
Lots on your plate. Don't eat too fast or you'll get a headache.

Robin said...

A month long treatment plan? I've never heard of that. Does it involve repeat visits to the dentist?

I have to get a tooth prepared for a crown on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

wallofdenial said...

Dentist's suck like Vista!!!

t2ed said...

You're going to need one of those swell attache cases that open up to become a bar if you're at the hospital that much.

Which would probably also help for a month long dental treatment regimen.

Miss Britt said...

As you already said - you know the pro's con's, etc of high blood pressure.

But just the same -

My daughter was born 1 week early (or 39 weeks) after a high blood pressure caused induction.

And she was peachy keen. Better a girl than a boy in these situations - strong, earlier lungs!!

Wicked H said...

Hagglette: Welcome back! Thanks we will all take it one day at a time.

Robin: I have to go once a week for a month, be glad that you have healthy teeth. Good luck!

Dave: They actually have this contraption that sucks for them, so cool!

t2ed: I received a martini back pack for x-mas, so I am all set.

Brittski: My sister isn't even dialated, so no induction, skipping straight to c-section. HBP and too much protein in her urine.