Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I’d Like to Call this Meeting to Order

Recently, I attended a business lunch. We gathered at a local restaurant for what I thought was going to be a huge yawn fest. I hate it when I am wrong.

I will give you little snippets of our meeting:

Fearless Leader: Woo Hoo, we are out of the office!!!

Financial Delegates: Yes, thanks for taking us out to lunch. It’s a nice change.

FL: OH! Are those balloons free for the taking???

FD: We think so.

FL: (Up and out of her seat to gather a balloon for each of us) (While affixing the balloon to each of our chairs) Hey cutie (speaking to our server), we are celebrating 5 birthdays today. Can you hook us up?

FD: (Collective groan)

Wicked H: (To the server) No, really we aren’t.

FL: You are out of order Wicked!

Server: (After our orders were taken) Is there anything else I can get for you?

FL: HATS!!! Hats would make this all perfect!

Server: Unfortunately we don’t have hats.

FL: Bummer!

Believe it or not we had an agenda, we got through it. I am not sure anyone came away with any type of new knowledge at the conclusion of our meeting. I am sure that the patrons in our section as well as the rest of the restaurant were either highly entertained or extremely annoyed.

Please tell me you all have more yawn fest type meetings. Also, are there any openings where you work???


The CEO said...

I work alone, out of the house, in a one man company. Want to make it a two person company? We'll have a great time, be drunk by 10:00 am, and never make a dime, but we'll have a great time! I do have a network if there's time to blog, but that would be after the alcohol ran out.

Miss Britt said...

Sorry babe. Yesterday I had a "meeting" that involved searching through "local porn" on the Internet for about two hours, trying to find cheap talent.

Although, that did end with lots of yawns. As well as pointing and laughing. And annoyance.

Wicked H said...

CEO: Hmm, too bad that my life requires $$. How about you and I have quarterly meetings and I am happy to bring the back pack.

Brittski: Seriously? I'll take public humiliation over boring porn surfing any day.

HotForSimon said...

They FEED you at your meetings??? Sweet.

You can keep the hats, though. LOL

Have your people call my people.

The CEO said...

In real life, we're actually smart people. This is a problem that has solutions. we all need money, and sanity. Porn, not so much, really. Exceptional food and drink, absolutely. I think those parameters work. And now, for the solution....

Robin said...

You get to go out for lunch? *longing glance with puppydog eyes*

Amy said...

That sounds like fun!

The last meetings I had to deal with (years ago, thank GOD) always ended with me having a giant migraine and narrowly avoiding driving my car off the road on the way back to the office.

Our meetings were held at the corporate office so they could get us all in a room and harass, threaten, and intimidate us for 2 hours at a stretch.

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

at our last corporate meeting my previous supervisor (who has since been let go) tried to fire me....I'm still laughing

sophie said...

No food at our meetings. They generally happen on Saturdays--so far I have refused to attend unless it is a Saturday I am working. They are the most boring thing in the universe.

I like the sound of yours much better!