Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vampire Cannot Operate the Lights on Her Vehicle, Film at Eleven

It is going to be one of those days. A short time ago, I made the pact with myself to not get involved with things that don’t directly impact me. Of course it’s a difficult switch for me, a process. I have gotten pretty good at it, until this morning.

We have a contracted phlebotomist who is at our location. For some reason, the company that places them here can’t seem to keep the same person for more than one or two weeks at a time. I stopped trying to learn the new person’s name each time. This week it was announced that we now have a permanent phlebotomist; it’s good for the patients to have a familiar face plunge a needle into their veins. Yay team.

This morning she parked her vehicle in her frantic pace and left the lights on. She walked back to her vehicle twice but left the lights on. The reason I know this is because she parked right in front of my window. I figured it was one of those new fangled cars whose lights automatically turn off after a period of time. It wasn’t. So being the good co-worker, I found her and let her know that her lights were on.

Wicked: Good Morning, you left your lights on.

Vampire: Oh, is there a sign?

Wicked: The lights on your car, they are on.

Vampire: Do I need to move the car?

Wicked: (I went to the light switch in her room and turned it on and off) Your car lights are on.

Vampire: (Clueless as to what I was trying to convey) Thank you, thank you very much.

I walked away. She followed me. I took her to the window and showed her the lights on her car. She grabbed her keys and went outside, opened the door, shut the door. The lights remain on.

My work here is done. Note to self, don’t let this woman draw blood from me.


Fanny said...

I'd like her to buy a vowel. Hell, I'll buy one for her.

This scares me Wicked!

Anonymous said...

Hey man she passed the "I can stick you" exam,,,What do you expect? Be glad she was able to find the office!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I have some teachers like that here. Oddly enough, they are pretty good teachers.

The phlebotomist at my doctor's office is so good that you can't feel the needle at all.

Anonymous said...

I like that she can't do on/off, but can manage to find the vein, use the syringe and label the sample correctly.

Maybe it's an idiot/savant thing?

I'm probably just half right.

Wicked H said...

Fanny: Scary, I agree.

Dave: So far I have not received a complaint regarding her blood drawing techniques, so no news is good news.

Robin: You're right. See t2ed's comment.

t2ed: Half right, you kill me my friend!

Amy said...

Huh?? Let us know what happens. I'm betting she'll get in the car to go home, her battery will be dead and she'll either try to fred flintstone it or push it all the way home.

mk99 said...

First of all, you are all assuming she can do the blood draw, labeling, etc. correctly. That is yet to be determined.

Secondly, this woman is defintiely a "dee de dee".

Miss Britt said...

And people call my fear of needles irrational. Pfft

Wicked H said...

Amy: She just left, AFTER someone had to jump start her vehicle.

MK99: I'm with you, I would not let her draw my blood ever. Rather do it myself before I let her near me with a vacutaner. Also, I am out of the loop, what is a dee de dee???

Miss Britt: Let's talk again after you give up a tube of blood!

Anonymous said...

I love "dee dee dees." That term gets used a lot around the Casa D'amour.

No, not just for stuff I do either.

Anonymous said...

Please make sure she doesn't get to check my prostate either. I have standards, you know, not huge, but still standards.

HotForSimon said...

I work in a lab, and needless to say, this doesn't surprise me in the least.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.