Monday, October 02, 2006

Furry Parenting 301

It seems my furry nephew has been a little more than mischievous this weekend.

He apparently got into my sister’s work bag. She had placed the remaining personalized M&Ms from her birthday party in her back pack. The satchel is kept in an area that Google is not supposed to roam. Shifty devil that he is, he gained access to the room and covertly scarfed the contents of one of the gift bags. The little bag contained 25-30 personalized M&Ms; too many for a pup to ingest at one time.

After much excitement and two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide forcibly fed, Google is doing fine. Thankfully the peroxide worked it’s magic and poor Google violently emptied the contents of his stomach several times. Sous-Chef Mermaid gave me the chunky blow by blow details via phone. She was amazed that he didn’t chew any of the M&Ms. Rather, he swallowed them whole. I explained to her that he must have known that what he was doing was wrong. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

I am hoping that he will never go after another M&M for the rest of his life. Not likely but an Aunt can hope.


HotForSimon said...


Glad he's doing well after his chocolate OD...but who, pray tell, had to clean up the "chunky blow by blow"???


wallofdenial said...

Dogs will be dogs.....

Kinda like men, only they appear to be more loyal

Myself excluded of course

Anonymous said...

I know chocolate was supposed to be bad for dogs, but what's it do to them.

I think dogs would actually eat until they blew up if they discovered a 100 pound bad of dog food.

Wall, and we can't lick ourselves.

Wicked H said...

HFS: They gave him the peroxide outside. So the chunks were picked up by BS, since Google was in her charge at the time.

Dave: It goes without saying, I agree.

t2ed: Chocolate is the cocaine for dogs. He could have had a heart attack.

Fanny said...

Poor pup. Glad he is ok. What a cutie!!

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Dearest HFS: I, nutcracker sweet 54 cleaned up the mess!!! I'm glad he made it through ok. I stll love him though! Thanks Fanny, I think he is cute too.