Thursday, October 05, 2006


Now that I have a room with a view, I can witness the goings on in the work hood.

Would anyone else out there feel a tad uncomfortable if the same fire truck loaded with firefighters waiting to get to an emergency kept circling the complex? It’s been 25 minutes! One would hope that each time a new office complex gets built, the first people in the know would be the emergency responders.

If you will excuse me, I am going outside to offer some directional assistance.


wallofdenial said...

Wicked I am sure YOU can tell them where to go!

Wicked H said...

Dave: Helpful Hints from H, my motto.

Anonymous said...

If they're driving around in circles, I hope they're at least yelling, "Wheeeeee!"

You just want to go check out some hot firemen. If you're smart, you'll give them directions to your house.

Please insert your own "hose" joke here. As an alternative, anything with "putting out" in some form is acceptable.

Wicked H said...

t2ed: You know me well.....just trying to be neighborly.

wallofdenial said...

p.s. they are looking for Foleys Im messages....I wish I had thought of that earlier