Monday, October 23, 2006

Relaxation Report

I have to say that there is something to this whole holistic mind, body and soul stuff. I have been a non-believer for so long. Partly due to the fact that I don’t have the disposable income required to be a holistic groupie.

I can honestly say that the remnants of my massages from last week are still at work. Even though I worked all weekend to catch up from my Ohm trip, I am remembering to keep my shoulders down and relaxed, minor gaffs found over the weekend were greeted with shrugs rather than anger and I fit three exercise routines into my schedule while at home.

So far the pact I’ve made with myself is still in full force. Even I am surprised by it all.

Anyway, I have found only ¼ of a corner of my desk. The major dent has been made in the work load and I hope to resume normal everything by the end of business today.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine looked lovely through my office window.



wallofdenial said...

Being that you are at peace with the world for the moment, it shouldn't bother you that all we did was sit on our butts and watch HBO while you were working.

Miss Britt said...

So if I get away to a SPA by some miracle, that may actually carry over into me making my 5am workout schedule?

Hmm... I wonder if we even HAVE spas out there in BFE...

(BTW, seriously, good for you!!)

Wicked H said...

Dave: Good for you. What did I miss? Anything good? I gave up on HBO once Sex in the City went off the air. Damn budget.

Miss Britt: I would not have believed it either, but it's working.

wallofdenial said...

Wicked it was a free preview weekend

HotForSimon said...

Glad to hear you are relaxed and refreshed!

I, on the other hand, would do anything to get rid of the knot between my shoulder blades.

Nothing getting rid of a few idiots from my life wouldn't fix, I'm sure.

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

glad you are still relaxed. I'm working the night shift, basically it sucks.

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Where oh where are the key lime martinis???? Oh, I can't have any right now cuz my blood alcohol level will be the same as my patients. I'll have some for breakfast, covers all the basic food groups I think....dairy, fruit, that's enough to sustain me.

Amy said...

*sigh* wow... a massage and pedicure sound really nice right now. Glad you had a good time!