Friday, October 13, 2006


The morbid fear of Friday the 13th; I can honestly say it has never bothered me.

If there is a 13 step program for those of you (pun gloriously intended) I am happy to donate something. Although if some of you are so crippled with anxiety that it keeps you off the roads during rush hour, I say embrace your fear.

For the rest of us, TGIF!!!


Anonymous said...

I love tormenting people with triskadecaphobia.

I was just in a big hotel and the elevator stopped on the 14th floor. I proudly proclaimed to the couple exiting the elelator, "You know that's really the 13th floor and they just didn't number it correctly."

Her eyes got really big and he gave me a pissed look.

I do so love business travel. I couldn't ever get away with this shit in my home town.

Wicked H said...

t2ed: Anonymity is always key. I will remember this trick of yours and put it to good use in the future.

HotForSimon said...

Both good things and bad things have happened to me on Friday the 13th...for one, I was BORN on a Friday 13th...LOL...but...I also lost my dad 9 years ago today, so....((SIGH))

Anonymous said...

A much belated Happy Birthday to you Wicked!