Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Spinning Wheel

Okay. If the Hispanic gentleman does not stop walking around in a figure eight pattern while on his cell phone, I am going to have to ask him to have his conversation somewhere else.

It is quite distracting watching him walking around with one hand securely positioning the cell phone to his ear while the other hand is flapping around punctuating his sentences. Even better, the figure eight starts on the sidewalk and ends up in the parking lot. The UPS man almost took him out with the big brown truck.

At least it is happening in front of a business of healing.


wallofdenial said...

My guess is he needed a smoke. Perhaps the figure eight is a stress release.... Or maybe he WANTS to be hit by the UPS truck?

Wicked H said...

Dave: He bounced pretty well. Just a few scrapes and bruises. No cigarette burns that I could see.

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Is this a new relaxation method, watching people get hit by trucks? If so, maybe you could come by my place of employment and see all the fun we have.....;)

Wicked H said...

NS54: It's all about me being amused without causing the injury myself. I used to rescue injured parties in the past but we all know the hassles that caused. Now I simply report what I see. If there is blood shed, I check everyone's dance card and act accordingly or simply report for all my friends and/or stalkers to see.

You're welcome! (wink)

Amy said...

A figure 8? See, I can't be that precise while trying to have a conversation. I hate to say it, but if I saw the UPS truck smack him, I'd have to laugh. I mean, I'd help or call an ambulance or something, but I'd still be laughing.

Wicked H said...

Amy: In all fairness, I did go outside to see if he was ok and the UPS guy was bringing him into our office. Figure 8 man is a little bruised and scraped but fine.

Yes I had to stop laughing before I went outside. We are burning in hell, you bring the graham crackers and I will furnish the smores. Deal?

HotForSimon said...

Was there any damage to the truck?? LOL

You have too much fun at work. The most exciting thing to happen to me today was having a cup of urine leak.

On me.


Wicked H said...

HFS: The B hose may have sprung a leak. (triple SNORT)