Friday, September 29, 2006


Conversation I just had with my Dad, the Great White Psychiatrist:

GWP: Did the storm do any damage to your house?

Wicked: I just got steady rain, every now and then a gust of wind; and you?

GWP: Oh, the rain was coming down in sheets and at one point it got very dark and loud. The trees were almost touching the ground.

Wicked: Were you and Mom huddled in safety?

GWP: No, I was standing outside watching it all.

Wicked: Do you think that was a good idea considering a tornado touched down 4 miles away?

GWP: It was scary.

This goes to show that GWP and BS have the exact same personality. They are both quite focused in their medical travails but when it comes to common sense, forget about it.


Glamorous Redneck said...

We had a tornado in our town about 6 years ago. I wasn't in town when it happened, but when I finally got ahold of my parents, my mom informed me that she and the dog huddled in the basement while my dad watched it all from the window. And a big chunk of steel from the grain elevator in town came within inches of flying through their house. Moron!

wallofdenial said...

One thing nice about tornadoes is, they usually travel at about 35 miler per hour, you can out run them in a car (your house, not so much)

But earthquakes are a completely different story

Miss Britt said...

People say that about me all the time.

I'm often engrossed in a very "academic" argument - when i walk out in front of traffic.

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Ah, dearest Wicked, You thought I wouldn't read the blog....but I fooled you! I personally was safely ensconced in the hospital, tending to a dying 78 yr. old man who fell down the steps. I did look out on the helipad and saw the heavey rain. The tornado actually touched down VERY close to our house, like 3 miles away. We were damage. BIL and Little Mermaid and Google were safely huddled in the basement. Well we lived through another one.

HotForSimon said...

I probably would have been out there with your dad, watching it all. I love storms...thunderstorms, that is...snow, not so much...although the end result is prettier! LOL