Monday, April 17, 2006

Strange and Wonderful Coincidence

Today is my parent's 81st birthday. You read it correctly, both parents. Same birth dates: same day, month and year. Mom is an hour and a half older. They were obviously destined to be together. My sister's and I could not ask for a better pair of parental units.

Please join me in wishing my folks many more, healthy happy years.

Happy Birthday Mom & Dad!


Phillip said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wicked's Parents!!!

81 - very impressive.

wallofdenial said...

I hope you get many more wonderful years with you parents...

I do not have any smart ass remarks concerning this post.

How weird is that

Wicked H said...

Phillip: Thank you on their behalf.

Dave: The world must be spinning backwards. Thank you!

Homo Insapiens said...

Tell your parents the boys at Big Bubba's and the lads down the Pig & Whistle raise their respective glasses and pints....all good birthday cheer!

HotForSimon said...

Happy Birthday, mom and dad!!