Monday, April 24, 2006

Freedom to Gather and Pray

There was a big to do in DC this weekend. It seems that members of several churches feel that their right to pray is being infringed upon. You see for years, the city has allowed them to Double Park in order to attend their services. It seems that now residents who are being blocked in have asked the authorities to enforce the rules.

I don’t understand why the church goers are so upset. The right afforded to us by the constitution is freedom to gather and pray. Not freedom to break the law by double parking which infringes on your neighbors right to come and go freely. If your place of worship has limited parking, make arrangements to get their in plenty of time to attend the full service.

What happened to do unto your neighbor as you would have them do unto you?


Phillip said...

Silly Wicked, didn't you know that rules don't apply to the righteous!

I say ticket and tow them all, the Big J didn't die so they could park illegally.

Mr. Anthrope said...

I loved the way they excused their law-breaking by saying they provided lots of services to the community. Hamas also provides services to the Palestenians. It doesn't make up for other actions.

wallofdenial said...

What????????????? You dont think that becuase people have been able to screw people for years they should be able to continue????

I mean what about the oil companies???

They are screwing everybody and the administration is more than thrilled to let them continue!!!!

RedolentRepartee said...

I guess you haven't been informed yet. Nobody cares about your rights, or my rights, or the rights of anyone else (said with my best sarcastic sneer). Well they don't care that is unless it gives them a reason to get on their soapbox and spout political rhetoric at us. IMHO

Keep up the good work.

HotForSimon said...

Good thing there isn't a church in your neighborhood!!! LOL

I'd have to come and start up my own towing company!!! LOL

Wicked H said...

Phillip: I agree, Big J would not condone this.

Mr A: My question to them is what service double parking provides?

Dave: It's craziness, all of it.

Repartee: Politics in Washington, be afraid...VERY afraid. ( thanks for stopping by)

HFS: I keep telling you we are in the wrong business.

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Agree- Good post
That's why I fly on my broom stick when I visit D.C. ;)