Sunday, April 09, 2006

Incessant Chatterer

I try to make my mani/pedi experience as zen like as possible. I purposely choose to be the first appointment on a Sunday as most others have ethereal obligations during that time. So far my choice has been sound. I am not a high maintenance woman but I try not to miss the opportunity to make my extremities look nice. It makes me feel good, one of a few vices.

With my massage chair set to a gentle hum, I usually close my eyes and enjoy the attention being given to my feet. This morning I was jarred out of my meditative state by the other client at the nail salon. She was justifying her egregious error of visiting another facility.

You see two weeks ago, she came to this salon without an appointment and found that it was far too busy for her to wait. She went on her way and decided to go shopping with the notion of returning within thirty minutes. One thing lead to another and she did not return and the following day went to another salon. She was quite unsatisfied with the service performed there and was happy to tell everyone within ear shot.

This conversation was repeated at least five times. After the first time, I did not care why she went elsewhere neither did her nail tech, mine nor the other two employees present. I am telling you this woman, who was as friendly and pleasant as can be, would not shut up. She was perfectly happy babbling to no one in particular. I honestly believe that she was talking simply to hear her own voice. I know that she works in the finance department of a car dealership, she is the proud grandmother to one with another on the way, she has three children one of which is still not married, an owner of two springer spaniels who get let out of their crates by a neighbor who is paid $40 per week, she used to play baseball and that is why her feet are so ugly ( her description not mine)and her pansies are quite happy with Saturday’s rain. And on and on and on. None of this information was asked for, it just came and came and came.

When she was finally done, she vowed to the shop and it’s inhabitants that she will return faithfully every Sunday morning from here on out.

Oh joy!


t~ said...

I have an elderly neighbor like that. she comes over all the time to give you all the lovely details of her life... bowel movements, her children that don't call, the noisy tenants upstairs, what she had for breakfast.... you name it.... you make the mistake of stopping to say hi and you're stuck there for hours listening to her, plotting how the hell you can get away.... wait a minute... am i doing the same thing right now? hmmm

Weary Hag said...

Isn't it funny how when we read something like this ... we start thinking to ourselves "Uh oh, do I do that?"

At my old job, they used to tell me I'd talk to a tree if I thought it would listen. They're right and they're wrong. You see, the babble that springs forth from THIS mouth is always of the utmost importance... and is only highly intelligent in nature - of interest to everyone.
At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Sorry your perfect appointment time has been thwarted. It does sound nice to take the time to pamper yourself - the closest I come to doing that is tacking on an extra 10 minutes in the shower on weekdays. Bliss.

wallofdenial said...

Sounds like my mother-in-law

Wicked H said...

T~: perhaps....

Haglette: Always important to find time to pamper. I am very sure your ramblings are quite entertaining.

Dave: If that's the case, she really likes her son-in-laws...

ThursdayNext said...

This made me think about howI can't help but feel smug when whiny women come in sans appointment and I have one. It takes a few minutes to call for an appointment, why the looks with daggers at me when I sit in the chair with STAR magazine in tow?

The worst is when these women get on the cell phones during a NAIL appointment.