Thursday, April 20, 2006


Is there a nice way to let a co-worker know that the stories she repeats ad nauseam have gotten old? I am all for polite chatter at 6: 30 in the morning but could we at least talk about current events?

Let me preface this by letting you know that she has nothing but good intentions and is one of the nicest people on the planet. Seriously. This explains the slight pang of guilt I am feeling while typing.

Here are the topics that should be off limits from now on:

Because she doesn’t want to feel sleepy while commuting, she purposely keeps the heat off in her vehicle.

She feels that the company we work for should really adjust their hours of operation because she lives in East Jesus and drives over an hour to get to work.

Anything relating to or involving the word deer. You had a bad accident over 2 years ago, please move on.

Traffic related items that only relate to the area in and around East Jesus, you chose to move out there why must we suffer?

We had a bit of a change up this morning. We just finished discussing where I get my hair done because her son is getting married in May and she really feels like she should try to cover her gray but doesn’t know if it’s worth the expense but she wants to look nice but she should probably get it done soon because what if it doesn’t look good and she would be mortified and her husband doesn’t want her to change…………………….

Hey, at least she didn’t grab my hair.


wallofdenial said...

Wicked did my eyes decive me? Did you ask if there were any "NICE" way to tell her to quit being so redudndant?

WEll hell no

Start asking her her if she ever saw Steel magnolias, every morning and see if she catches on, if not.

Aske her if she could posibly take the time to come uo with something original,

If that dosent work,,,,

Well you know

Wicked H said...

Dave: Believe it or not, I can be nice. Really! It is not as much fun, but it does happen sometimes. I will take your suggestions under advisement.


Homo Insapiens said...

It would be unkind to tell her she could talk a hole through the wall of a nuclear reactor. Take the positive approach and provide her with new life experiences to talk about. Introduce her to botulism.

tommy said...

God!!, I hate those repetitive conversationist. If I end up as one of them, please shoot me

wallofdenial said...

hey there allways the fact that a 45 is louder than a redudant speaker

Wicked H said...

Homo Insapiens: That is a freakishly fantastic idea. I will follow up and report back!!!

Wicked H said...

Tommy: I promise!

Dave: Can I use the firearm I bought to rid my wood pecker problem?

RP said...

Ask her if she's going to get everything dyed so that the collars match the cuffs. That'll pretty much kill that conversation. But you have to ask earnestly or it will never work. :)