Friday, April 21, 2006

The Adventures of Cruiser

Yesterday, while walking my dog, I heard a cat meowing in the distance. My neighborhood is relatively quiet around the time I return from work. I didn’t pay much attention to the sound until I got closer. As we rounded the corner it was apparent that the sound was a cry for help. The frequency of the meows increased. I couldn’t see where the cat was until I saw his owner desparately pushing a tree back and forth. About 100 feet up in the tree perched Cruiser the cat. As we got closer I could see that the poor fellow was stuck in the tree.

Cruiser’s owner asked to borrow my elderly dog. I asked him what he thought Dexter could do. He replied that he wasn’t sure but that he was frantic at that point. I have never been a cat person, mainly because I am allergic, but I didn’t understand how placing a large dog at the base of the tree was going to lure the cat back down. I suggested maybe putting a bowl of food or treats at the base and perhaps Cruiser would eventually come down. His owner shrugged and continued to shake the tree.

As we continued our walk, I could still hear Cruiser meowing. It was a sight because at the far end of the neighborhood you could see Cruiser meowing in perfect time to the tree movement. It reminded me of a metronome.

I am happy to report that during this morning’s walk, Cruiser was no longer in the tree. Crisis averted!


wallofdenial said...

Hey ya know that gun you use for woodpeckers??????????

I bet that would get him down!!!

Just kidding

Wicked H said...

Ha! I see the wickedness is rubbing off.

( no cats were injured while writing this post)

HotForSimon said...

See, that is the good thing about having a cat so fat it can hardly tree crisis. LOL

I'm with ya though...I have NO idea what this person thought Dex would do to help...LOL