Saturday, August 21, 2004

Stalker Extraordinaire

The American Idol auditions are being held in DC this week/weekend. Something different for our political epi-center, good luck to all the participants.

This post is all about the old adage, you'll never know unless you try. Let me explain. My good friend Hot for Simon (HFS) has devoted a good portion of the last 3 years to the goal of one day meeting Simon Cowell. She is quite the devoted fan. Check out her link down there on my page very impressive indeed.

Well it happened, today. I'd like to add that she is not a contestant. I just got off the phone with her. She made the drive up from the South and arrived at my place last night. She was on a mission. She had all her accoutrements ready. My job in this venture was to get her to the Renaissance Hotel early Saturday morning. Unfortunately, I am not at my full capacity to be able to accompany her on this endeavor. I wished her luck, dropped her off and said a little prayer.

By the time I got home, she had called to tell me that she had already met the stylist for the American Idol judges. I am telling you the girl does her homework. She is a seasoned groupie and I say that in only the most loving way. Phone call #2, while talking to me the main producer of the show walked past her and she said hello to him shook his hand and engaged him in conversation. I witnessed it via cell phone. HFS' next call was to inform me that she had just had an exchange with Ryan Seacrest. She was bordering on giddy. Our last chat involved a step by step account of THE meeting. I am going to let her expound on all the details but I had to share this momentous event.

I am so happy for her. You can actually hear the joy in her voice. Way to go HFS!!!!! You rock!

I do have bail money ready just in case......


Anonymous said...

Congrats HFS via Wicked H Love......nutcracker #54

Anonymous said...

Catching up...

I loved your metro experience. Brilliant. (I too am not a "morning person.")

I will make a dentist appointment this week. My husband woke up Friday with inflamed gums. Let's just say he had to have a little emergency intervention at the periodontist and will have to return there next week. Yeah, I'm making an appointment. *looks up* I hear ya, I hear ya.

I am sooooooooo happy for HFS. She really really deserved this. YAY!!! =)

- Jo

Wicked H said...

Jo: Sorry to hear about your husband's dental experience - ouchie. Proud of you for making that appt. HFS is still floating! How many of us reach for the brass ring and touch it, hug it and kiss it???

HotForSimon said...

The details are posted!!!!