Monday, August 23, 2004


I've mentioned before that I have a jokester/recalcitrant side. I come by it honestly, would I lie to you? I wanted to share one of my Grandmother's escapades. She was truly a wonderful woman.

My Grandparents raised their children with the meager means. My Mom describes her childhood with such fondness I wish I could have been there to experience it. The recounting of events is the next best thing.

The house that they lived in was quite modest but weak floorboards and all, they made do. A portion of the hardwood floor above the lower level bathroom had a major hole in it. My Grandmother actually fell through the floor while trying to drag the old pickle barrel, doubling as a bathtub, filled with dirty bath water out to the back door. The family knew which spot to avoid and it was conspicuously covered with a rug. One day my middle Aunt was using the lower level bathroom. Reassured with the fact that she had chosen a quiet time in the house to visit the restroom, she made herself comfortable. Just then she was doused with a pitcher of ice water. The culprit? Granny!! My Grandmother was laughing so hard she fell over. My highly agitated Aunt vowed revenge. She gave her Mom one warning.

My Aunt systematically plotted her revenge. Weeks went by before she enacted her plan. Then it happened, she heard my Grandmother settle into the lower level lavatory. My Aunt found the largest container in the house, a bucket. She filled it with water, pulled back the rug and emptied its contents through the hole in the floor. She was expecting to hear my Grandmother protest the deluge. Instead she heard the water bounce off the umbrella that my Grandmother was armed with. Ha!! The poor woman was taking care of business with an umbrella ever since the threat of retribution.

I really miss my Grandmother. I am proud to have inherited the mischievous genes.


HotForSimon said...

Oh, man...that is hysterical!!!! Wicked G!!!!! ((LOL))

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AHHHH, Granny, may she rest in peace......that was a good memory Nutcracker #54