Friday, August 13, 2004

Happy Triskaidekaphobia!!!

Now that I have your attention, please join me in wishing HFS a very, Happy Birthday!

Is she afraid of the number 13? Not that I am aware of. She may prefer that number to her actual chronological age. (Did I actually write that down??? Ruh Roh!)

Hurry up and get here already! The libations are chilled and ready to flow.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! I know we will.



HotForSimon said...

I'll be on the road (with millions of fleeing Floridians) within the next ten minutes!!! HFS Jr. is loading the car as I type!!!

Anonymous said...

You girls have a great time this weekend. We'll be sequestered here in MD, awaiting Charlie (cousin to Isabelle). Mr. Nutcrackersweet #54 is battoning down the hatches, getting his beloved generator cranked up for any lack of electricity that Charlie may leave us with or!Drink 1 or 2 or 27 for me.......Oh, Happy Birthday HFS, I didn't know it was your'all have fun now......nutcrackersweet #54

Anonymous said...

We're off to a good start...breakfast was done by 1pm!! ((LOL))

Thanks for the happy birthday wishes....


Anonymous said...

Excellent. A new word to start off the week. Thanks and happy birthday!