Monday, August 30, 2004

End of the Olympics

I don’t know about all of you, but the Olympics were just plain weird this time. I think the Greeks did a fantastic job getting everything done just in time. Everything looked great, how could it not? Greece is a beautiful backdrop for any event.

The rest of it seemed bland. The men’s basketball team was an embarrassment. Besides the mediocre play, how do you not know which uniform to wear to your final event? Wardrobe malfunction indeed. If I were Janet Jackson, I’d want my money back. Then there was the whack job in a kilt who disrupted the men’s marathon. I am so impressed at the Brazilian runner’s composure; he most certainly deserved the Pierre de Coubertin Medal.

Kudos to all who participated and bravo to all our American athletes who won medals. The Olympics were not as moving as I had hoped for but inspirational none the less.


HotForSimon said...

I love the summer olympics...but I know what you mean. It just lacking in emotion, like you said. I didn't see a single tear on the podium when anyone received their gold medal. I'm sure somewhere along the line, SOMEone did, but I didn't see anything. And this whole business about Paul Hamm not really winning the gold is BS...there seemed to be a LOT of judging controversies. I mean, come ON've got four years of planning and preparation...get it together.

Anonymous said...

Go Vanderlei!!! Ole, ole, ole, oleee... Brasiiil, Brasiiil!!!

Jo =D

Anonymous said...

I an still dreaming of Michael Phelps....whata bod!:)I may be old, but I ain't dead or blind.....Nutcracker #54