Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Calling All Epicureans

I need your help - please!

My Mom spent the week taking care of me. Before leaving, she made a grocery run. A huge help because 1) I am not able to drive yet and 2) I hate grocery shopping. In fact, I hate all forms of shopping. I might be the only female on the planet that hates shopping. Someone, please, call Guinness.

The problem is this; I took inventory of my fridge today. Here is what I found:

- Enough fresh chives to choke all of China
- More fresh mint than the Kentucky Derby Bartenders could possibly use
- Fresh parsley in such abundance it could overtake Portugal (similar to Kudzu in the South)
- A whole gallon sized ziploc bag filled with fresh peeled garlic. Can you say Transylvania 6500?

I promise I am not exaggerating. My Mom lives to grocery shop. I am sure I am adopted.

I am sending out a plea for recipes or storage methods for the list above. I have nothing but time and ingredients on my hands.

Thanks Mom!!!


HotForSimon said...

She went to that International store there, didn't she?? Be lucky you don't have anything worse than herbs and garlic!! ((LOL))

Have you looked in the freezer?? Hopefully there is nothing in there staring back at you!!! ((LOL))

Anonymous said...

AGHHHHHH!!!!! Anxiety attack #503, that store that HFS mentions......Mom made me take her there for the first grocery run when Wicked H came home last week. Well, I get these anxiety attacks and claustrophobia when there are wild and unruly crowds ie that store with many different ethnicities and their relatives from 3 week old infants to 90 year old grannies waving their bamboo canes in my face, on their weekly FAMILY outings to that store......I thought I was gonna die!!!You won't see me there on a weekend, ever again. Now for all the groceries in your 'fridge that mom stocked up on.......may I suggest the Foodnetwork, also Foodnetwork.com tee hee :).....Nutcrackersweet

HotForSimon said...

Wicked actually braved that store just for me...all for the love of HP Sauce and Chocolate flake...which we never found, BTW. All those different foods and no british section? WTF?

We did find those shrimp puffy things though...so all was not lost.

Anonymous said...

You have to remember to stuff the Vampires' mouth with the garlic and then cut their head off.

Stuff the ears with parsley and the nose with chives, then roast for 3 hours at 375. If you like your Vampire head juicy, put it in a roasting bag inside of the roasting pan.

When it's done, garnish with the mint. Viola!

Wicked H said...

Thank you Anon!

An excelent idea - I will make it this weekend.