Friday, August 13, 2004

The Power of the Pedicure

I have never been a girly girl. But I now officially have a new addiction, the Spa Pedicure.

How does a Spa pedicure differ from your average pedicure? Well I found out today. Forget that I should not have been driving until tomorrow, it will be our little secret. Okay? Promise? A Spa pedicure involves a couple extra steps to include a double course of exfoliation of the entire lower leg and foot which leads to an extremely relaxing massage. We are talking fall asleep in the pedicure chair with the massage mode on steady. Maybe all of the pain medicine is still metabolizing its way out of my body, but I am telling you I woke myself up with my snoring and drooling. Told ya, not a girly girl.

I will indulge this addiction probably once more while in recuperation mode. It does take longer than the average pedicure so there is a reason to not feed this habit. When I return to the real world again I simply won’t have the time. It might have to go on the to do splurge list, we'll see.

Believe it or not I am a relatively shy person. I am intrigued by people who can jump into a conversation with a complete stranger. Somehow writing about things on the Internet seems different. Don't ask me to explain it, this is how my head works. Anyway, while getting my pedicure my nail technician was asking me why I was there in the middle of the day. I told her that I recently had surgery and went into very little detail. The woman doesn't have a good command of the English language so there was not a need for much detail. Apparently the 4 other patrons needed and expected every detail. Who needs doctors when you can receive unsolicited advice from pedicure patrons? Next time I'll know. I don’t remember asking any of them about their complete medical history, but I certainly am well educated now.

The power of the pedicure: relaxation, medical advice and of course pretty toes.


HotForSimon said...

Such a high maitenance girly girl, you are!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, pedicures......been there done that!!!! You go girly girl!!Here's looking at your toe toes.....nutcrackersweet #54