Friday, April 01, 2005

Good Sport

The Southerners enjoy their pranks. I will tell you first hand that they do not mess around with the April Fools Day hijinks. .

April 1, 1995 I was letting Dexter out into the front yard for his morning ritual of greeting the school kids. I used to live in the center of town, Main Street of course, my street was the only way in and out of town. As soon as I hooked up his lead, he began barking incessantly. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed something in my yard. I put on something presentable, I didn’t want to scare or scar the kids, I went out front to find one of those storks set up in my front yard announcing to God and everyone that I just had a boy. I was neither seeing anyone nor gestational. I decided I would leave the stork there since whoever went to the trouble did make me chuckle.

All day long I was receiving phone calls from friends and townies. Some were asking me if Dexter had sired another round of puppies some were congratulating me, etc. The best call came from my lawyer, Max. He asked me the same questions and I told him it was an April Fools Day joke. He told me that he would be happy to assist me in retaliation. So I called up the local florist, yes the one with the pierced appendage, and asked him who had placed the stork order. I called Max back and told him the culprits were a nurse and a nurse practitioner in one of my remote clinics. He told me that he would send a Sheriff’s Deputy to the clinic with a summons and have them arrested. Why not, I was a temporary Southerner after all. I told him to go ahead. The deal was that the Deputy would call me before he set out so that I could be there when the “arrest” happened.

I made my way to the clinic like I usually did just to check in and see how things were going. While I was there the Deputy showed up. He came into the clinic with his summons and read the charges to both culprits, hand-cuffed them and as they were being placed into the Sheriff’s car I wished them all Happy April Fools Day! I so wish I had a camera that day.

What’s your best April Fools Day gag; delivered or received?


X said...

April Fools' Jokes don't really happen in my house, as April 1st is my brother's birthday.

I'd much rather play a practical joke on someone, though. Haven't done it in a while.

Damn this growing up.


Random and Odd said...

Wait, what was the end result???
It was a joke right? the whole arresting thing???

Wicked H said...

Yes Kristine! Once I wished them Happy April Fools Day, the cuffs came off.

Life is too short - we all need a great laugh now and then - RIGHT?