Thursday, April 21, 2005

OCD Much?

An old friend of mine ( Hi! DK) used to berate me every time he came over to my place. He would immediately head to my stack of CDs and strategically place them in order of musical category AFTER he made sure they were in the right CD holder and the CD was facing in the proper direction in it’s jewel case. Following that, he would leave an empty area on my CD rack. DK explained to me that each time I play a CD I am to put it’s case in this holding area until such time that it is ready to be placed back into the main rack.


What doesn’t make sense about all this is that besides his CDs, DK’s place is always a wreck! I am talking the typical guys place; although DK is married and his wife is just as lax about housekeeping as he is. They are very suited for each other. Their housekeeping skills make me look like Felix Unger. Trust me, I am no where near that organized or clean.

It goes without saying that each time I go over to DK’s I quietly make sure that his CDs are not in their proper alphabetical, musical category. I even go so far as switching out some CDs from case to case. This drives him nutso. Muhahahahahaha

So, what type of OCD issues do you suffer from?


RP said...

Listen, forget about my OCD issues, the question really is: does DK make house calls to organize other people's cd collections? Does he? Please?

Wicked H said...

For you RP?

Let me see what I can arrange.

StellaLafayette said...

hmmm ocd...i i guess the worst one is straightening the rugs and the throw on the couch. i like shit to look straight. hmm.