Friday, April 15, 2005

Welcome Back to DC!

For something like 37 years, Washington DC has been trying to get a baseball team back. Yesterday was Opening Day for the new Washington Nationals. They will play at RFK stadium for 3 years until their new digs are done.

I am not a big baseball aficionado but I thought it needed to be mentioned. They did win 5-3 against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Welcome back to DC. We hope, Baseball will be "berry, berry good" for us.

Now, who wants a hot dog?

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HotForSimon said...

Hot Dogs at the ball park always taste better than any other....and not those gourmet thingamajigs they have with salads and God knows what else on them. Just a plain hot dog with mustard, thank you very much.

And a soft pretzel.

And a beer.