Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Absorbency Trip

When I graduated from high school one of my gifts was a trip to visit our relatives over seas. I was going to spend 3 months there. This would be my first time traveling that distance alone. I was very excited.

Figuring out what one might need for 3 months turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected. I decided to take the safe route and bring everything I would need. I am not a high maintenance female but there are certain products you get used to and I wasn’t sure if I’d find exactly what I needed while on my excursion. So I made sure I had a 3 month supply of hygiene products as well as other stuff.

My Father thinks he is the King of luggage packing. He offered to pack my suitcases for me. The catch, he wanted me to sit there and observe his efforts. It seemed silly to me so I left him alone to pack up my stuff. I also declined the final inspection of the King’s work, if he is the King I trust him. Why not?

When I arrived at my destination I knew that my suit cases would be searched in Customs. The Customs agent asked me to open up my luggage. In an effort to be expedient, I flipped the suit case facing him, unlocked them, unzipped them and opened them so that the lids were up towards me. He had full access to my stuff. I have never seen anyone shut a suit case so fast. His face was red and he could not look me in the eyes. He marked an X on both bags and waived me through. I figured I would not tempt fait and ask what the problem was so I went and reunited with my relatives.

It was later that night when I began to unpack that I realized the Custom agent’s dilemma. You see the King layered both of my suitcases with my 3 month supply of feminine hygiene products. Back then they were not inconspicuously packaged. They were on top in their full gory. The agent was mortified.

Hey, it got me through Customs in a flash. You better believe any other trip I took I made sure the top layer was riddled with unmentionables. Long live the King!!

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Anonymous said...

What a guy......what does he use now that mom does'nt need those products???? Depends???:);)nutcracker sweet 54