Saturday, April 30, 2005

Dear Metro DC Police Officer:

I cannot express to you how grateful I was this morning. You had every right to issue me a citation for carelessly running the red light. Not only did you not give me the citation, you also did not lecture me on how to be more careful. A simple "watch the lights young lady" was all you said.

Let me thank you again in writing. I would also like to thank you for calling me young lady as I am clearly much older than yourself. You made my dreary, rainy day so much better than I could have imagined after stupidly running the red light, right in front of you. I know! Thank God you didn't ask me why I did that for then I would have had to admit to you that I usually sleep-drive at such an early hour. I am more than sure that you would not have taken kindly to that statement.

I only hope that the speed trap cameras are equally as kind to me. I am surprised that I have yet to receive a citation for speeding. Oh, wrong sister. That would be Nutcracker Sweet. Never mind then.

You have a safe day too, Officer.


HotForSimon said...


((was he cute??))

Wicked H said...

Um...not my type at all.

song said...

yeah, but even when they are not your type you want to do them just for letting you off! "hey officer, you let me off, now let me get you off.."

or maybe I am taking the cop fantasy waaaay too far.

anyway, I love days like that.

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