Saturday, July 24, 2004

Maybe, it's just me......

Is it too much to ask? Or should a person working with the public in a service oriented field have a definite command of the English language? C'mon guys, work with me here, I beg of you.

Today I had to go and get slew of preparative work done for the resolution of my medical crisis. Last time I checked ( oh, and did I mention, I too work in this field?)the business of medicine is most certainly customer service oriented. I realize that I live and work in a diversely cultural area of the United States. I, in fact, am of ethnic heritage myself. Union made but ethnic none-the-less. However; it should not cause me or anyone else for that matter to go postal while trying to be registered into a data base in order to get my blood work drawn. Not unless the clerk registering you can only speak Tarzan's version of English if even that much at all.

I throw the question out to you. Any thoughts on how much of a degree of English you must know if you are the first contact of a business involving customer service?

I now return you to your regular programming....

Have a great weekend!!!


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HotForSimon said...

That's what you get when you have to go to the competition to have your lab work done...just think, WE have people who have won awards working for us. ((LOL))