Monday, July 12, 2004

Let's Talk About Drive Through Etiquette, Shall We?

If while in the fast food Drive Through lane you are in need of a special order, for the love of Mayor Mc Cheese go inside. Special orders due upset those of us who chose the Drive Through for the quickness of it all.

While utilizing the drive through ATM and you feel the need to test every function the machine has available for you, could you PLEASE do this during non-rush hours times. Some of us are TRYING to get to work or our appointment on time. May I suggest on-line banking. Again, Drive Through lanes are for brief transactions.

Don’t make me hurt you!!!!!

P.S. While utilizing any type of Drive Through do not and I repeat DO NOT also be on your cell. I implore you!


HotForSimon said...

PS. It's also a good thing to know that while in the VA area, not to be on the cell phone while pumping gas. Those damn gas nazis catch me every time.

Hey, maybe there should be a drive-thru nazi too?

Wicked H said...

We now have cell phone Nazis in's a matter of time HFS.

Michael said...

Why, oh, why do ATM people have to examine their savings balance, their checking account balance, their mutual fund losses and then walk away WITH NO CASH!? IN THE HEAT! I want to kill!

And not to worry. I am entirely sane. Oh, absolutely.

HotForSimon said...

Thanks for reminding me...geez, you're getting too many nazi's up there! :-)

Wicked H said...

Nazis R Us

Now serving #214.....