Friday, July 16, 2004

Just An Oil Change and Could You Manage to Get It Done In a Jiffy?

What happened to truth in advertising? I know, I know. I live in fantasy land.

So I am on my way to my niece's birthday celebration when I find that I have navigated the Metro area traffic with an extra 20 minutes to spare. As luck would have it I have time to get the oil changed. I have successfully pulled my SUV in line behind the oil changing bay, given my vehicle info to the J-Team member and am now in the waiting room with 4 gentlemen. I was assured that my vehicle would be up in 10-11 minutes and then in another 12 minutes I could be on my merry way. I have a 9-year-olds birthday bash to get to. I certainly don't want to be late for the very important date.

Sure enough in 10 minutes my SUV is ready to have it's oil changed, fluids checked, etc. Into the waiting room comes a stellar member of the J-Team asking me to the bay area. He informs me that everything looks great; however his computer tells him that at 18000 miles my particular SUV needs 2 critical things changed. One was the air filter the other item sounded more important don’t ask me now what it was (I never said I was a mechanic - okay). To which I whipped out the manufacturers spread sheet given to me by my SUV dealership, which states these things don’t need changing for at least another 2 oil changes. I suggested the J-Team upgrade the info in their computer and please get back to changing my oil in a jiffy.

When I return to the waiting room I am greeted with a standing ovation from one of the gentlemen. Here is our exchange:
JLMC (Jiffy Lube Male Customer): Wow that was great! Do you think you could teach my wife how to stand up for herself the next time she brings our car here?
ME: Gee, wouldn’t be easier for you to simply bring the car for her???

On that note, my name was called; I paid for my oil change and was on my way. I think JLMC was still standing mouth agape as I drove off.


HotForSimon said...

See that??? You really ARE smart!!!

But, ummm...if you actually read the spread sheet that the car dealer gave you concerning your SUV maitenance, why was there such difficulty with the new lock/deadbolt assembly??? Hmmm???

Wicked H said...

You may BITE me.

HotForSimon said...

I'll leave that to loverboy...teehee!!

Michael said...

SUV? SUV? Why not one of those cute little Japanese composite cars (or whatever they're called). Just change the oil every 14 million miles or so.

(Jesus, I have to think of everything!)

Anonymous said...


The litigator in me wonders whether JF makes a policy of recommending maintenance it knows you don't need. Can you say, "class action"? I bet you can.