Thursday, July 29, 2004

My Version of the Welcome Wagon

I live in an area where the predominant forms of housing are Town Homes. Anyone who lives in such a development is well aware of the parking regulations. In a nut shell, when you purchase a town home you also purchase the 2 parking spaces designated by the Home Owner's Association. In case you are foreign to the concept, upon entering any town home community there are signs posted alerting you to the fact that the spaces are assigned and if you should venture into someone else’s spot, they have every right to tow your vehicle.

 Simple, right?

I am a single person who owns a single vehicle and 2 parking spaces. Lucky me! Anytime I have a guest I don't have to deal with a designated guest spot because my other spot should be clear. Think again. It seems that the members of my development thought that since I am one person with one vehicle my other spot magically became a guest spot for my neighbors. I will admit that in the beginning,  I made an effort to try and find out who owned the vehicle in my spot. Yes, I would actually go door to door to see who the offender was visiting. My goal was to not offend any neighbor by towing their friend's vehicles. Believe it or not, this got really old really fast. I quickly began to exercise my right to tow anyone in my spot. My general rule is this: ask me to use my spot and I will gladly oblige. Assume that I don't need or use my second spot and use it at your pleasure and I will most certainly tow you. With no guilt and much glee if you must know.

I return after being away for the 4th of July weekend, early Monday afternoon. What do I find when I return to my abode? BOTH of my spaces are occupied. I double park behind the 2 offenders and as I am unloading my car someone from my neighbors house walks out. I ask this person if they might know who own the 2 cars in my spot and without blinking she says she has no idea. Did I mention that these are new neighbors they are in fact moving in as we speak? So I replied quite cheerfully, "great thanks - then you won't mind when I have these 2 cars towed away." To try and be nice I did spend about 20 minutes outside unloading my car, walking my dog in hopes that the owners would come out and ask me to move so they could move. Once inside, I grabbed my cell phone and speed dialed Tommy the Tow Truck Operator he answers Hey Wicked, what's up. I told him to bring the flat bed thing because he has 2 to remove.

Tommy shows up within 10 minutes, miraculously the 2 owners of the vehicles appear, from next door thank you, and we have a towing summit outside. I am watching from the safety of my home. What I witness is some frantic arm flailing, lots of pacing and finally the exchange of wads of cash between said owners and Tommy. He all but bounces up my stairs asks for my key so he can move my vehicle back to it's rightful spot once the offenders move from my spots. I asked Tommy how he did, he replied that it was the easiest cash he has made without breaking a sweat. I believe I may be putting his kids through school....

So, welcome to the neighborhood.


HotForSimon said...

Sex, Sex, Sex.....(((LOL)))

Michael said...

Tough woman!

But what happens if you own two cars. Don't they have some generic parking spots for people who visit people with reserved spaces that are full? I wouldn't even mind walking 20 or 30 yards if I had to.

Plus, I'm NOT parking near you, Ms. H., for our little "overnighters" unless I get your cell phone first. :)

[Just kdding!]

Wicked H said...

HFS: Jeez: we need to get you a remedy already!! LOL

Michael: Yes, there are guest spots. But you would have to make an effort to seek one out. We can work on whether or not you may park in my spot ;-)

HotForSimon said...


Just make sure the sheets are clean in the spare bedroom by the time I get there, OK?? Sheesh.


Raybelle said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! I am a recent transplant to the world of "designated parking" and I understand completely!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! No one likes to taken for granted. I admire your toughness.