Monday, July 19, 2004

Another Death Prevented - Hats Off to the Reston Starbucks Barista

Picture this: it is 6 am and I stroll into the local Starbucks near work quite ecstatic to see that I am one of 2 customers. It is of note that I am not a regular patron, I show up occasionally when I feel the need to splurge. A girl has to have at least one legal vice. Young Perky Blonde Business Woman (YPBBW) is ahead of me placing her order. I am most definitely not a morning person (you all have been fairly warned) so far this morning is going well for within mere moments I will have my caffeine fix. Life is good. Well not exactly. It seems that YPBBW is indeed a regular patron as it takes her 20 words to place an order. While doing so she is constantly flipping her sopping wet long blonde locks in an effort to flirt with the guy behind the counter. Don’t get me wrong, young lust is a wonderful thing. However each time YPBBW flips her hair off her shoulder, I must wipe the water from my face. Someone is going to die.

The Barista witnesses my dissatisfaction to my second shower of the morning and asks me to come over to him so he can take my order. He asks what he can do for me. I tell him that even better than making me a cup of coffee he can move heaven and earth to get YPBBW out the door before she dies. She is still reciting word 17 of her order and he is working fast and furious to get her coffee prepared. I have taken my place back in line behind her. He actually handed her the coffee and personally escorted her out the door.

Life is once again good, I now have my Grande Latte and YPBBW gets to live.



HotForSimon said...

Go to "Small...Medium...Large"

First column, third row down.

Gotta love Foamy.

Michael said...

Reston? You work in SUBURBAN HELL! So you must have been a very wicked H to go there.

Wicked H said...

Michael: I have earned my title ;-)

Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

I can see this through my bleary nightowl green eyes. You're a riot. No blonde locks so it wasn't me even though I know where you mean... No way in _______ am I in any Starbucks that early.