Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Fakes Giving*

Hi all. Here at the Wicked Family compound due to scheduling conflicts we had to have our Thanksgiving one week and 3 days later.

I was the hostess with the mostess; literally and figuratively. (Ha! Sometimes I just crack myself up.) We each were responsible for different courses and if I must share with the Internet, we did a fine job. Lookout Iron Chefs, next year we take you on as a group.

Work is not getting easier, life goes on. I leave you with a practice shot of most of the family in preparation for the obligatory group photo. You all need to keep this secret, I promised everyone in this snap that I would not post on the interwebs.

Of course I had my fingers crossed, I am Wicked H and this is how I roll:

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There you go, a portion of the Family Wicked.

Talk to you all soon!

*title courtesy of Uncle Fun who is in the picture....


Wicked H said...

see? Too busy to resize the photo. A thousand pardons!

One of those darned bunco babes said...

Tell BS that was NOT her best side!! However, she might have been recuperating from Saturday nite, so I'll give her a pass this time!!

Wicked H said...

Jeez Babe, I SPA with you guys and no invite to the party??? Not nice!

BTW, that is Maternal Countessa's "side". BS was back by me and the camera, she knows better!!

Heard you all had fun, good for you!

Karina said...

Happy Fake's Giving! Glad you got to celebrate the holiday, even if a little late!

Just Expressing Myself said...

The baby is sooooo cute.
Beautiful family.
Happy Fake's Giving

Wicked H said...

Karina: Better late than never....

Frances: She is getting so big and of course there is Little Wicked ready to teach her all the fun stuff.

The CEO said...

I'm glad y'all could get together. Lil Wicked looks like she's having a blast. Has she discovered gin yet? The parents look thrilled! So when are you coming over?