Monday, March 05, 2007

Step Right Up, Hurry Hurry, Before the Show Begins

I must have a sign on my forehead or something, thank goodness I sport some bangs. If there is going to be an odd happening that takes place in front of a window, chances are good that it will occur right outside mine. I don’t go searching for these things they just seem to happen. My office window looks out to our parking lot. Many patients will wave to me as they exit their car on their way into our site.

Last week, a de-constructed strip tease took place right outside my office window. It was very early and the car attracted my attention because it took the driver several maneuvers to park his car. His vehicle is a standard sized sedan which really shouldn’t have been that difficult to park. In any case, the young man exited his vehicle and went to his rear passenger door. He proceeded to unzip his trousers so that he could tuck in his shirt. Once he tucked and re-tucked the shirt he zipped back up and retrieved a jar from the car and placed it on the hood. Then he put on his tie. He then retrieved some hair product from the jar and proceeded to complete his hairdo. After all the primping, he put on his short white lab jacket and loaded up all his pockets with his medical paraphernalia.

I realized at that moment that this was our newest medical student. Imagine my joy when our receptionist was too busy to escort him back to meet the doctors. I jumped at the chance. I ushered him back to the nurse’s station. Our baby doc (my term of endearment for all the students) was quite self-assured. Everyone was busy so I told him to make himself comfortable and the doctor would be out soon.

As I walked away, I couldn’t resist. I thanked our baby doc for the show and asked him if this was to be a daily occurrence? If so, I told him I would charge admission to my office so that everyone could enjoy the production. He looked very confused as he was oblivious to his surroundings during his de-constructed strip tease. When I mentioned how great his hair looked, the look of embarrassment appeared.

That my friends is what we call the Wicked H hazing. If the baby docs can get through that, they will be quite successful in their future endeavors.

He has learned to be fully dressed before he arrives to our office. My work here is done.


The CEO said...

I am amazed that you have so quickly discovered your true meaning in life. You are soooooooo lucky Wicked, and so good at it. And all this time I thought your mission was limited to torturing IT guys. You have an expanded charter. Woot.

Robin said...

The world thanks you.

Miss Britt said...

Umm.... where is my Billy Joel review, Missy??

Wicked H said...

CEO: What can I say? I am multi faceted!

Robin: You're welcome.

Brittski: It's coming up, please stay tuned.

t2ed said...

I wouldn't have told him about your observations until Day 2. You know, after you had gotten some pictures to hang up around the office.

Weary Hag said...

Thanks for the smiles this morning! Between this post and your comment on my blog ... what can I say? You feel like a lost sistah of mine somehow. haha
I loved this post.
See? Now that's my luck. You look out your window and get a guy doing a striptease and fixing his coif. I looked out the window of my doctor's office once only to see a woman parked directly facing the window and picking her zits in her rear view.
Just my luck.

Amy said...

bwahahaha! That is very wicked indeed!

Crazy Lady said...

Did you do a little evil laugh in your head as you walked away?

sophie said...

I have changed clothes in the car on more than one occasion, but never in front of my place of employment on day 2. It really does show how oblivious we can be to our surroundings!

Jurgen Nation said...

Hah! I would have paid to see that. Especially if Baby Doc is a hottie. Yeah, I said it. ;)