Saturday, March 10, 2007

Aclockolypse Now

This is a friendly reminder that Sunday morning at 2 am, either Daylight’s Savings Time will quietly come into play or the world as we know it will end.

Seriously if the IT peeps of the world are not ready, how difficult would it be for us to manually update the time on the gadgets that get us through the day? Think about it, what did we do before all the technotronics? We shall over come this just like we did the whole Y2K thing. Everybody calm down.

While you are changing the time on your clocks, also check your smoke detectors.

This concludes the Wicked Network PSA.


HotForSimon said...


((crawls out from under the rock))


Wicked H said...

So far, so good. The world seems to continue spinning.

Robin said...

Seriously. I already manually update the clocks on my stove, microwave, heating programmer, alarm clock, car radio, watch, and time/temperature guage. How much more diffucult is it to change the time on my computer?

sophie said...

I really did think it was going to be the apocalypse....then I remembered all the Y2K panic....took a sleeping pill....and went to bed. My husband changed all the clocks before I woke up. Worked for me.