Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Cronies’ Luncheon

They’ve been friends for well over 30 years and time has only made their bond stronger. My Mom and her BFFs. They are a collective trip without luggage. I was able to sit in on the latest luncheon which covered so many varied topics it is hard to remember all the details let alone what lead to the story in the first place. I am going to do my best and cover the highlights:

They each show up with a bag filled with the latest knitting projects. I spent three hours with them, trust me not too much knitting and purling going on. It is all a big rouse, perhaps a reason to meet once a week. As if they need permission at this stage in the game.

Believe it or not we had a long discussion on the topic of Breast Nazis. When I showed them the picture of the Augmenter, hysteria ensued. Ladies in their 70s and 80s are capable of snorting laughter. I only wish I had an audio tape to share.

I hate it when my elders are right about dissecting my character. These women did not miss a beat. So I was moody as a teen, I admit it. Trust me, I was not always this interested in their opinions. One even admitted to being afraid of me. Oh, the power! I try to use it for good at this stage of my game.

They conduct swap meets. My Mom was able to unload six of over one hundred table cloths which have not seen the light of day in decades. Be free linens, enjoy your new homes.

The best remedy for hangovers, tripe soup. Who knew? They did and each had a story with a hypothesis, experiment and proof. I just cannot get over the smell of that stuff. Next bender, I am investing in some nose plugs then off to consume some tripe soup.

I came away with a new respect for these old gals. I only hope I am half as entertaining when I get to be their age. Who am I kidding, if I make it to their age? Rock on Cronies.


HotForSimon said...

Tripe soup??

I don't think I'll ever drink again, if THAT is the remedy.

Shit. Who am I kidding? LOL

Wicked H said...

Well I suppose everything should be tried at least once. One of the many lessons learned during the luncheon.

I've had it before, the end product is good but the smell while in prep - yuck!

Amy said...

My husband swears by menudo for hangovers. I think that's almost the same, isn't it?

Wicked H said...

Amy: Really? Okay then after bender #2, I will try menudo. Perhaps together we can wipe out hangovers all together.


The CEO said...

I let myself be depressed when you first wrote this, and it's now Friday night, and I almost hope you don't see this. Count your blessings. I am the oldest left, I have no family except for my wife. You really have something there.

Wicked H said...

CEO: It actually made me sad when I wrote it. The reality is that we probably don't have as much time to enjoy them as I'd like, it is sad. I try not to dwell on it and instead recount things here that have an effect so that later I can smile.

If you need extra family and you can deal with many neuroses and such, me and my family are an e-mail away.