Saturday, September 09, 2006

Down the Ocean...Hon!

I am off to the Beach. How can you all miss me if I don’t go away?

Try to behave yourselves, I know how difficult that can be for some of you. I may be back soon or not. One never knows about these things.

I’ll leave you with a poem by Linda Harnett which best describes my reasons for escaping to the shore.

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Oh, to be lying,
On a beach,
With sand in my toes,
And the wind,
In my hair.

And only the sound,
Of the seagulls,
On high,
On a beach,
Under sunny blue sky.

The gentle caress,
Of the waves,
On the shore,
Could I ask for more?


Wicked H said...

I'm on vacation.....DAMMIT!!!!

Waaa hoooooooooooooo

HotForSimon said...

Take me with you, Hon!!!!


Have fun, bishy...

Lauren said...

ohhhh, have a good time!!

Pioneer Woman said...

Have a fffffffffffffabulous time!

Homo Insapiens said...

You overlooked the jellyfish, oil slicks, speedos, bothersome urchins, traffic, French Canadians, and all the other detritus that washes up on our shores...but you can't fit everything into one poem.

Have a good time in any case...

t2ed said...

Have a boat drink or three for me.

Amy said...

Have a WONDERFUL trip!!!!

Kris said...

My cup of envy runneth over . . .

Just Expressing Myself said...

I love the beach.
Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy.

Wicked H said...

Thank you one and all....back to reality now.

All rested and relaxed!!!!!

HotForSimon said...

Welcome back, hon!!!

Missed you...reality doesn't start again until still have a few days!!!