Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This week the school kids returned back to their routine. Not being a parent, I do enjoy hearing about the first day of school escapades.

One of the specialists I work with was sharing the tender moments of his daughter’s first ever day of school. He recounted the entire morning, from the time she awoke to the tearful goodbye of he and his wife as their daughter skipped into school oblivious to the heartache she was causing with her independence.

The Doc went on to explain that his daughter was very concerned about receiving a red card while riding the bus. Apparently, they dole out red cards to children who misbehave. Once they have accumulated enough red cards, I suppose their bus riding privileges disappear. I told him if that was the practice when I started school, I would have accumulated enough red cards to fill one of those contraptions they deal cards out of in Vegas.

He walked away horrified, mumbling that his daughter would never get into that kind of trouble. Well Doc, I don’t think any father plans for that but you may want to have a conversation with my dad.

I’m just sayin…….


Phillip said...

You described the Doc's feelings very well, it made me remember my daughter's first day ever of school some 20 odd years ago. Also I am willing to bet that your red cards were enough to fill at least 2 shoes, right?

Miss Britt said...

Ah, yes, but as a parent myself I can tell you taht we cling to the illusion that are children will never be as wretched as we were.

If we didn't, children everywhere would be locked in closets until the age of 18 - at least.

t2ed said...

If she really wants to avoid red cards, don't pull Zidane's jersey, talk smack about sisters and headbutt in retaliation.

HotForSimon said...

I wouldn't know anything about the subject of getting in trouble on buses.


Not me.

Wicked H said...

Phillip: I had to ask the Doc today if there were any tears while his daughter was off to her second day. His reply, just mine. You are right about the amount of cards accumulated...LOL

Miss Britt: My Mom always said that mine would be a terror...we'll never know.

t2ed: Sound advice, I'll pass it along.