Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well it’s Not Brain Surgery

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No wonder she couldn’t figure it out.

My sister the Brain Surgeon has taken up bike riding. Of course she has all the requisite equipment except for a functional bike. Let me explain. BS inherited Gestational Countessa’s (GS) old bike from way back. BS cannot throw away anything. I purchased the bike for GS when she was in high school. So it has more than a few years on it.

The other day BS and her husband were biking along and she was having a difficult time. She realized something was awry but couldn’t quite put her finger on it. When they decided to take a break she mentioned it to her husband and he didn’t seem too bent out of shape about it.

It wasn’t until they stopped to fill her rear tire with some air; they discovered that both her tires were dry rotted and that she was riding on the rims. DUH!

If there was a brain lying in the bike path, she would have been all over that. Things happen for a reason.

My B-I-L bought her a new bike for her birthday which is today. I hired a personal chef to teach 6 of us how to prepare a 4 course gourmet dinner and then dine in style. I have to say we did a great job. Turns out Little Mermaid, who is too old for that moniker now, is a frustrated Sous-Chef. Who knew? That girl can chop better than any Ronco™ product I’ve ever seen. We shall therefore refer to her as Sous-Chef Mermaid. That is until I come up with something better.

In the meantime, join me in wishing my older sister the Brain Surgeon a very happy birthday!

Sis: Wishing you happiness today and ALL days!


t2ed said...

I love to say, "Hey it's not rocket surgery," whenever I do something dumb like that.

Fixing the dinner sounds very fun. And with 6 chefs maybe you got a chance to slack off a bit as that's even more fun than cooking with a group.

wallofdenial said...

I am glad a good time was had by all,,,, where's my cigar?

Wicked H said...

t2ed: It was great fun. She is a great BS, bike fixer upper, not so much.

Dave: Baby isn't due until March. It will take me that long to save up....patience my friend.

Nutcracker Sweet 54 said...

Dearest Wicked: Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Thanks also for the dinner. I had a great time. No brain surgery today!!! I was off. BIL and I went for a spin on my new bike. A short spin, 19.5 miles. It is amazing how much easier it was to ride on A) 2 good tires and B) a new bike. I had a good time. Well, live and learn I say, and at age 52 I'm still learning. Thanks again for everything......Love you.

Anonymous said...

BS took me on a birthday jaunt with the bikes and now my butt hurts. At least I don't have a pimple on mine like someone else you know. Oh, well getting old sucks who counts birtdays anymore anyway. Just send presents. BIL

HotForSimon said...

20 miles on a bike, and I'd probably NEED surgery of some sort...not sure the knee OR the butt could hold up to that...

Happy Birthday,...much love!