Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Toot Toot, Hey…. Beep Beep

MIT:Every Sunday night I wrack my brain to figure out a money making scheme to keep me from having to show up at work each Monday. How about you?

Wicked:Well I keep trying to be the E-Bay entrepreneur but things aren’t moving fast enough.

MIT:I hear you. Maybe we could be ladies of the evening?

Wicked:Yea, I am not sure my profit margin would be any better in that arena either.

MIT:We are older; I guess we’d be attracting the wrong clientele.

Wicked:Plus, is it really worth it?

MIT:You are right, with all the diseases, etc. We should stick to our toys and just show up to work every weekday.

Wicked:I hate it when you are right, Dammit!


HotForSimon said...

I just spewed orange juice out of my nose!!

I hear ya, girlfriend...I think we missed our window of opportunity for that career field!! LMAO

Wicked H said...

It's the public's loss. What can I say.

Miss Britt said...

I don't know... you guys could totally dominate that "older women" niche. Niche marketing is the way to riches ya know. :-)

t2ed said...

I thought "senior marketing" was the new rage anyway. Does AARP have a hooker referral service? With all that Viagra being prescribed.....

Wicked H said...

Miss Britt: Brilliant idea, let me get out the spread sheet and do some analysis.

t2ed: Also an excellent idea, I have connections with AARP. Perhaps I can get my services covered right along with the blue pill coverage.

t2ed said...

You've got to bill it as "physical therapy." And don't try to add smokes (for afterwards), lube (for before) or liquor (for all the time) onto the bills. That stuff is a dead giveaway to the accounting weasels.

Wicked H said...

I am afraid to ask why you are so knowing? I do appreciate the tips :-Þ

Lynn said...

I thought I was the only one who did that!
Usually it starts Wednesday and ends Sunday.
Wednesday is what I will do with my lottery winnings, then I get a second and third chance on Friday and Saturday.
By Sunday I am figuring out what sexual thing I am best at... to wow the possible clients with...
Dont think it will work. I would rather sell myself to women than men and..... Women are just not that gullible.