Friday, March 10, 2006

Dear Exuberant, Male Target Employee:

I cannot express to you how much my errand running time was improved by your comment.

As I was trudging through Target today, I asked a very pleasant young man if the suntan lotions were out in display. The biggest grin appeared on his face and he proclaimed that he would point me to the suntan lotion if I promised to take him along with me. I told him if he could be ready by Thursday, I would come back and pick him up. He told me that as luck would have it, he was off that weekend and he would be ready AND able to join me.

So Jeremy, I will swing by on my way to the airport and hopefully HFS and Jr will not mind. The more the merrier. As I always say.....

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HotForSimon said...


Bring him along!!!! Is he hot???